Sales and marketing

Kenmare Resources plc is a major global producer of titanium minerals, ilmenite and rutile, and zirconium mineral, zircon.

Our customers range from global leading producers of titanium dioxide pigment and zircon millers, to smaller specialised manufacturers supplying niche markets. Shipments from the Kenmare-owned export jetty range from bulk parcels of 1,000 tonnes up to 65,000 tonnes.

Marketing approach

Kenmare is a reliable supplier of high quality products that meet various customers’ technical specifications. Our focus is on maintaining long-term customer relationships backed by excellent service, and we seek to work with our customers to understand and satisfy their requirements. Kenmare has customers in over fifteen countries and this number is growing.

Product quality

Kenmare prides itself on producing the highest quality products and uses advanced technology to ensure product quality. The Mineral Separation Plant at Moma is fitted with automatic samplers and on-line analysers to enable continuous monitoring of plant performance and product quality. Continuous sampling takes place during the loading of product shipments and all product sales are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis and Sampling, as well as product sizing analysis. During the shipment of finished product, quality is verified by x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis and wet chemistry techniques to ensure specification compliance.

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