Thriving communities

Kenmare’s mining concession occupies 34,000 hectares of coastal area, where approximately 45,000 people live in the localities directly or indirectly affected by mining activities.

The Company understands that effective relationships with its host communities are critical to its licence to operate and it works closely with them to improve local facilities and opportunities. In 2004 Kenmare established the Kenmare Moma Development Association (KMAD), which works with communities, local authorities, and NGO partners to deliver development programmes and projects. Find out more about KMAD and its community development initiatives.

Material topics:

  • Socio-economic development
  • Land use
  • Community relationships

2023 highlights included:

  • $4.7m invested by KMAD in community projects
  • Contract for new district hospital signed – construction to begin in 2024
  • Five villages in the Pilivili district were connected to the power grid, giving the residents access to electricity
  • Three water supply systems were built or restored, adding to the 30 boreholes built by KMAD since 2004
  • First students graduated from the KMAD-built Topuito Technical College, including 23 female students sponsored by Kenmare

Sustainable Development Goals

Read more about how we support thriving communities, including our targets for 2024.