At a glance

The Moma Mine contains globally significant reserves of heavy minerals which include the titanium minerals ilmenite and rutile (primarily used to produce titanium dioxide pigment) as well as the mineral zircon.

Titanium dioxide pigment is used to impart whiteness and opacity in the production of paints, paper, plastic and other products. Zircon’s principal use is in the manufacture of ceramics..

Where we operate

The principal activity of the Company is the operation of the Moma Titanium Minerals Mine, located on the northern coast of Mozambique and in commercial operation since 2009. Kenmare is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and more information about our approach to sustainability can be found here.


Titanium feedstocks

Ilmenite and rutile are titanium minerals used as feedstocks to produce titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment, which accounts for around 90% of global titanium feedstock consumption.



Zircon is primarily mined as a co-product of titanium minerals mining. It is an important raw material for the ceramics industry as an opacifier and frit compound for decorative wall and floor tiles and sanitary ware.