Dematerialisation of Irish securities

An important change will take place on 1 January 2025 that will impact all shareholders holding Irish securities in public limited companies whose shares are traded on a UK or EU Market in certificated form, like Kenmare.

Effective from the above date, share certificates for relevant Irish public limited companies will no longer be issued or valid as evidence of title and entries on the shareholder register will be replaced and recorded electronically by book-entry record – a process known as Dematerialisation.

Shareholders do not need to take any action to effect the Dematerialisation of their shareholding and Kenmare's share registrar, Computershare Investor Services (Ireland) Limited, will be managing the process.

For the avoidance of doubt, whilst paper share certificates will no longer be valid, the number of shares which a shareholder holds as of 1 January 2025 on the Company's register will remain the same following Dematerialisation.

To evidence share ownership after Dematerialisation becomes effective, shareholders with access to the internet can check their balance or download a Statement of Holding (as required) on the records of the registrar at any time by logging into Computershare’s investor platform via If a shareholder does not yet have access to the above platform, it is recommended to take steps to sign up now, ahead of the implementation date of the new arrangements. Shareholders who are unable to access Investor Centre can contact Computershare to obtain a confirmation of their up-to-date balance.

Find out more about Dematerialisation by reading the Frequently Asked Questions.