Safe and engaged workforce

The safety of its workforce is the primary concern that drives Kenmare’s day-to-day decision making and work.

Safe operations are a core pillar of the Company’s approach to sustainability and are an important element in decision making at every stage of Kenmare’s activity. To ensure Kenmare’s workforce is engaged and productive as well as safe, the Company also takes steps to create a working environment where diversity is harnessed, where talent is nurtured and where employees have fulfilling careers.

Material topics

  • Health and safety
  • Security
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Labour practices

2023 highlights included:

  • Two million hours worked without a Lost Time Injury passed in December 2023
  • 51% decrease in malaria cases at the Moma Mine compared to 2022
  • Mozambican operations certified to NOSA standard, aligned to ISO 45001 International Standard
  • At year-end, 97% of Moma employees were Mozambican (2022: 97%)
  • At year-end, 16% of Moma employees were female (2022: 14.5%) and 40% of senior management roles at the Mine were held by women (2022: 25%)

Sustainable Development Goals

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