Our people

Kenmare recognises that our employees are the cornerstone of our business and that a partnership approach is vital to achieving business objectives.

As stated in our Employment Policy, we operate in full compliance with the relevant national laws and employment standards. They cover hours of work, meal breaks, transport, shift hours, overtime, standby, call-outs and payment on Sundays and holidays. Employee benefits also covered include retirement, health, personal accident and medical benefits.

A talented and diverse workforce

We are committed to seeking out and retaining a diverse and talented workforce to ensure business growth and performance. Kenmare encourages diversity in its workforce and believes in treating all people with respect and dignity. For more information see our Employment Policy, and our Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

We pride ourselves on the employment the Mine generates for our host communities and Mozambique as a whole. At year-end 2021, Kenmare’s workforce at Moma included 1,551 employees and 968 contractors.

Of our Mine employees, 97% are Mozambican and 59% are from the local District or Province. Kenmare is the only major employer in north-east Mozambique and makes a significant economic contribution to the region. Wages and benefits paid in 2021 across our Mozambique operations totalled $27m.

Our efforts to improve diversity across the Mozambique operation is reflected by an uplift in the proportion of females employed.




Number of employees




% Mozambican




% Expatriates




% Women




All personnel at operator and tradesperson levels are Mozambican, and 83% of management roles (supervisor and above) are held by Mozambicans, up from 63% in 2020, including the most senior leadership role at Moma, the General Manager. Kenmare’s focus has now turned towards skills development and providing opportunities for more employees to be promoted into more senior roles.

The sustainability of our localisation programme has been underpinned by the successful technical development of local artisans, who have replaced expatriates through our on-site practical training centre. University internships and our Graduate Development Programme (GDP) have also seen local graduates employed and positioned in higher ranks of the operation.

Training and development

Read more about our training and development programme's in our 2021 Sustainability Report.

Advancing women

Kenmare is actively working to increase the number of women in our workforce. At year-end 2021, 12.5% of our Mine employees were women, compared with 10.64% in 2019.

Women represented 22% of our Board of Directors at year-end 2021 and 20% of the Executive Committee. Following the 2022 Annual General Meeting in May 2022, women represent one third of Kenmare's Board of Directors.