WCP B move update

In 2018 Kenmare announced three development projects that together have the objective of increasing annual ilmenite production to approximately 1.2 million tonnes (plus co-products) on a sustainable basis from 2021. The move of Wet Concentrator Plant (WCP) B to the high grade Pilivili ore zone was the final of the three projects.

The increased production is expected to significantly lower cash operating costs per tonne. Consequently, from 2021 the Group expects to be positioned in the first quartile of the industry revenue to cost (or margin) curve, supporting stronger free cash flow generation and providing for increased shareholder returns.

In Q3 2020, WCP B and its dredge were safely relocated to Pilivili. Watch videos and read the announcements relating to the move by clicking on the links below.

Date 17 Dec 2021
Title WCP B Move - Documentary
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Date 30 Sep 2020
Title WCP B Move - Short Video
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Date 28 Sep 2020
Title WCP B Move Update - Plant Relocated
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Date 17 Sep 2020
Title WCP B Move Update - Dredge Relocated
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Date 15 Sep 2020
Title WCP B Move Update - Relocation Underway
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Date 04 Jun 2019
Title Animation of WCP B's move to Pilivili
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