Kenmare aims to be a catalyst for positive social and economic improvements in the community neighbouring its operations. In this respect, ensuring effective communication and consultation with all stakeholders is one of the central pillars of Kenmare’s development strategy.

One of the ways it achieves this is by supporting the Kenmare Moma Development Association (KMAD), a not-for-profit development organisation, established in 2004 to implement development programmes in the community.

KMAD's core values are:

ParticipationSustainabilityEqualityEfficiencyIntegrity, honesty and transparency


Priorities for activities are based on local needs as identified by community members, and only those development initiatives with active local participation are supported by KMAD.

ParticipationSustainabilityEqualityEfficiencyIntegrity, honesty and transparency


Investment in the building of skills and capacity will accompany any projects supported by KMAD to ensure their viability and only those initiatives with strong potential for sustainability are supported.

ParticipationSustainabilityEqualityEfficiencyIntegrity, honesty and transparency


All people and parts of the community have the same rights and are to be treated equally. KMAD particularly promotes the involvement of women in all its activities to achieve this aim.

ParticipationSustainabilityEqualityEfficiencyIntegrity, honesty and transparency


Maximisation of local benefits of resources, leveraging the Mine infrastructure rather than setting up parallel systems and evaluation to look for improvement and effectiveness.

ParticipationSustainabilityEqualityEfficiencyIntegrity, honesty and transparency

Integrity, honesty and transparency

KMAD is open about all its allocation and use of resources and in its dealings with all its partners and stakeholders.

KMAD's community initiatives have three key focuses:

Livelihoods and economic development

This includes capacity development and financial support for income-generating initiatives, agriculture/food security and livestock support and economic infrastructures.

Health development

This includes support for the health sector and capacity development of medical staff, equipment, materials and infrastructure improvements, community health and HIV awareness initiatives, and water and sanitation improvements.

Education development

This includes support to the education sector such as support for capacity development of teachers, educational materials and equipment, school infrastructures and furniture, vocational training, community environmental awareness and sports.

The community and its needs are at the centre of KMAD’s programmes. KMAD’s vision is to achieve a community of:

  • healthy people living in safe and dignified conditions, free of disease and hazards;
  • an independent community, well informed of Kenmare’s ongoing operating activity with access to education and opportunity for individuals to reach their potential; and
  • cohesive social groups and networks contributing to sustainable development.

KMAD has delivered significant improvements to local infrastructure and improved access to water throughout the community.

KMAD has created direct and indirect employment opportunities, training initiatives have been implemented and numerous development activities started by KMAD have now matured.

KMAD’s goal is to:

  • Facilitate the economic development and income generation capacity of the local community. This includes maximising the benefits of the Mine by creating secondary economic opportunities in the community and generating long-term sustainable economic opportunities independent of the Mine, as well as supporting facilitating mechanisms such as education, adult literacy and vocational training.
  • Improve the wellbeing of the local population. This includes supporting social development in health, with special focus on community health awareness, sports and the construction of appropriate social infrastructure such as water pumps/distribution systems (accompanied by building the capacity of local water management committees) and educational facilities (including investing in vocational training).


KMAD activities are supervised by the Kenmare Country Manager in co-ordination with the CAM and KMAD Co-ordinator, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the portfolio of activities. The CAM (a member of the Mine operations team) helps to monitor activities. Financial information is maintained by the Company’s Financial Controller.

Sources of funding

The majority of funding to date has come from donations from Kenmare. Additional resources have been obtained through direct support from partner institutions. Donations have also been received from Kenmare employees through internal fundraising exercises. KMAD has leveraged indirect support by working with partners who have projects in the region and can extend their focus to include KMAD’s target area with minimal additional effort.

Additional information

Additional information on the approach to corporate social responsibility and activities undertaken during the year can be found in the KMAD Annual Report 2018

KMAD documentary

An independent documentary on the Kenmare Moma Development Association (KMAD) filmed in 2013 is available here.