Community engagement

Kenmare recognises the importance of carrying out its activities in a responsible manner.

Kenmare established the Kenmare Moma Development Association (KMAD) in 2004, an independent not-for-profit development organisation which supports and contributes to the development of the communities close to the Mine, assisting community members to improve their livelihoods and wellbeing. Kenmare is committed to conduct its business without risk to the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the general public and applies a strategy of zero tolerance with the objective of zero fatalities or major injuries.

In addition to the Kenmare Moma Development Association sponsored activities, the mining operations and the community interact daily. A full-time community liaison officer is employed to liaise with the local communities about the mining activities and the associated impacts. A Local Working Group (LWG) is the primary channel of communication between Kenmare and the Government of Mozambique on the one hand, and the surrounding communities on the other. The LWG was formed during the detailed design phase and meets on a bi-monthly basis. It comprises the District Administrator, Government representatives, Kenmare management and a number of other local representatives.

In addition to acting as a conduit of information, the LWG has the following key responsibilities:

  • monitor implementation of the Resettlement and Compensation Plan;
  • identify issues or areas of concern that may have been overlooked or under-emphasised in the Social Impact Assessment or Resettlement Guidelines, and suggest amelioration and/or mitigation measures;
  • assist in the finalisation of the Land Use Plan for the resettlement areas;
  • facilitate land acquisition in areas under its control, both in the Mine site area and in the host resettlement area;
  • hold regular meetings with the affected constituencies to explain the process of compensation and resettlement, and advise about progress; and
  • monitor the project area to prevent illegal encroachment and squatting.