Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) was launched in 2002 at the World Summit for Sustainable Development.

It aims to address the misuse of revenues derived from the exploitation of natural resources by encouraging greater transparency and accountability.

The EITI reporting system supports good governance through the verification and full publication of payments by companies and use of government revenues derived from oil, gas and mining.

Currently 51 countries are implementing EITI, including Mozambique. Kenmare is one of the 55 companies that subscribes to EITI’s reporting system in country and Kenmare representatives have been on Mozambique’s EITI co-ordinating committee since its inception in 2009.

Statement of support

Kenmare adheres strictly to a policy of zero tolerance to all forms of corruption and unethical business practices. Our practices are governed by a series of policies that set the guiding principles in managing employee health and well-being, the environment and engagement with our host communities.

We expressly subscribe to the principles of EITI and its aim to strengthen governance through improving transparency and accountability in the broader extractive industries sector and support and promote its implementation.

Statement of payment to governments

For the financial year ended 31 December 2018, Kenmare made the following payments to governments:

US$'000 US$'000

Mining royalty 2,933 2,833
Industrial free zone (IFZ) royalty 2,553 1,517
Payroll taxes 8,378 6,998
Withholding taxes 1,077 978
Licenses 3 12
Mozambique total 14,944 12,338
Payroll taxes 2,739 2,262
Corporation taxes 4 5
Ireland total 2,743 2,267
Payroll taxes 163 154
UK total 163 154
Total payments to governments
17,850 14,759

To view the full table, including data from 2013 to 2018, please view our Annual Report 2018.

Kenmare does not give donations or contributions to any political party.