Sales & Marketing

Kenmare Resources plc is a major global producer of titanium minerals, ilmenite and rutile, and zirconium mineral, zircon, which are mined and extracted at its wholly owned Moma Mine in Northern Mozambique.

The current titanium mineral production capacity is 1,200,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of ilmenite and up to 18,000 tpa of rutile, accounting for approximately 8% of global titanium feedstock supply. Zircon production capacity is currently 75,000 tpa, which accounts for around 4% of global supply. 

Kenmare’s large mineral resource base at Moma is sufficient to support production at current rates for over 150 years and provides significant opportunities for further mine expansions in the future to meet increasing demand for these products.

Kenmare sells a range of ilmenite, rutile and zircon products. Our customers range from global leading producers of titanium dioxide pigment and zircon millers, to smaller specialised manufacturers supplying niche markets.

Shipping options from the Kenmare owned export jetty, range from bulk parcels of 1,500 tonnes up to 50,000 tonnes. Final products are transported from the warehouse located at the Moma Mine via an overland conveyor to an export jetty, which loads product into a company owned self-propelled product transhipment vessel. This vessel self discharges product into bulk carriers at a designated sheltered transhipment site located approximately ten kilometres offshore. Customs clearance, ship’s agency, hold inspection and draft surveys by independent surveyors are carried out at the Moma export facility.

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